Donate to Team Thriving with Mz Mena for Scholarships, Research & Financial Assistance  image

Donate to Team Thriving with Mz Mena for Scholarships, Research & Financial Assistance

Wilhelmina is one of 86,000+ people in the US living with a primary brain tumor. Another 60,000 people are estimated to be diagnosed in 2019. That's why WE NEED YOUR HELP in this fight..

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Team Thriving w/ Mz Mena 2006

Team Thriving with Mz Mena 2006 is dedicated to an awesome advocate & brain tumor survivor Wilhelmina Wade. She & her family & friends were devastated 13 years ago when she received a sudden diagnosis of a brain tumor. She was sparred by her coworkers at Chicago Police Department who noticed she wasn't on her beat. Mena was discovered in her home passed out and that's when her journey began. Now we want to support others who are dealing with this condition. The Mary E. Smith Foundation, Inc. is an organization that is bringing awareness to this fight and supporting patients & families on their path from diagnosis, to treatment & recovery.

Team Thriving with Mz Mena 2006 is raising funds in support of this 501c3 nonprofit charity. MESF has three dedicated programs for the brain tumor community. They are the FIND-A-CURE, AIM HIGH and SAVE-A-LIFE initiatives. These programs fund research, provide scholarships and give financial support to brain tumor patients and their families. 

Through community fundraising events, MESF has contributed over $80,000 towards the fight against brain tumors. They are dedicated to making a difference by spreading awareness about this devastating condition. Your SUPPORT is instrumental to the success of these endeavors. So please choose to DONATE to our team supporting the MESF vision to one day live in a world where brain tumors do not exist...period.

DONATE then REGISTER for the 10th Annual Mary E. Smith Brain Tumor 5K/10K Fun Run/Walk taking place in the suburbs of Chicago at the Country Club Hills Community Walk Path on July 6th @ 8am located at 4200 W. 175th St. Visit to get started. The brain tumor community thanks you!

Team Thriving with Mz Mena 2006